The goal of this class is to familiarize students with the process and purposes of silk screening and encourage them to use it as a dynamic (and totally fun) vehicle for artistic expression. We’ll learn a brief history of silk screening, see the work of several silkscreen artists, and learn about several different processes.  Students will have the opportunity to do poster art, composition pieces, or their own t-shirts.


This course introduces students to the history and impact of mural painting and the implementation of their own.  The first week will lead students through the time periods and styles of murals in history as an influence in creating their very own.  Four students will be paired with a PoetHouse artist to design the structure, formulate the concept, and finalize the project in a public arena.  Confirmed spaces include the Truckstop Skate Park, and other centrally located and publicly viewable public and private properties. Diversity, community, and social commentary will be emphasized throughout the topics and themes painted in this course.


This class aims at introducing the fundamentals of hip-hop.  Each class will include an aspect of history, cultural significance and lyrical development.  It is important for students to understand the history of hip-hop starting with the Bronx and Brooklyn, the Harlem Renaissance, the godfathers of hip-hop, as well as general themes and movements.  Hip-Hop is a mixture of different aspects of urban culture, including DJing, emceeing, rapping, breakdancing, graphing, free-styling, beat-boxing, street entrepreneurship, fashion, and language.  Students are encouraged to explore what they find interesting about Hip-Hop.  There will be a portion of lyrical development devoted to each class, which will focus on the similarities between Rap and Poetry, different rhyming schemes, and social commentary themes.  This class will give students the opportunity (if comfortable) to perform at a cada|casa event, First Fridays, or recording in a studio.


Our goal with this series of workshops is to teach students that art doesn't have to be a painting on a canvas, but can be a personal expression seen anywhere, in whatever form it wants to take. Most of the activities we will be doing in these classes will engage the viewer in a public space in local environments. Students will participate in exercises such as: Moss graffiti, Guerilla knitting & crocheting, Chalk bombing, Sticker-making.


This class will introduce students to the world of street art with an emphasis on stencil graffiti. Students will be encouraged to watch demonstrations, practice spray paint techniques, and produce a street art-style piece or series.  Students will also learn how to analyze and produce pieces of art that reflect themes in society.  Note: there will be no illegal graffiti or tagging done in this class and respiration protection will always be used.


This 6-week class will provide a brief overview of Latin American art history in conjunction with art projects culturally and stylistically pertinent to notable art movements/trends andartesenías. As language and culture are inextricably linked, this course will also incorporate Spanish vocabulary and grammar, with discussion of cultural practices and beliefs. Projects will include Peruvian retablos, molas (multi-layer textile art), murals, Day of the Dead linocut prints, Guatemalan worry dolls, making natural pigments and paints and paper, and making a piñata to be used for our post class fiesta.  You do not need to be able to speak Spanish to take this class.


This class will introduce young adults to the art of spoken word poetry.   Students will be encouraged to listen, write, and perform poetry with focus on social commentary, tone, and eventually compete in a poetry competition – a Slam.  The class will meet once a week for general discussion and performances, and will also have a workshop times available where students can come in and get one-on-one help with their work.  The final class will be a poetry slam open to the public where every student will perform selected pieces.  Public performances include Cypher Night, First Friday’s, Townsend’s all-age Poetry Slam, Silvermoon Poetry Slam, and OutLet Art.


A collaborative teaching of performance choreography that entails the techniques and styles of hip-hop& contemporary dancing. Students will learn dance pieces that not only improve technique but tell a story. The focus will be on collectively constructing multiple performance pieces that showcase the artistically visual side of music through dance. This fusion of the two different styles of dance enables the students to break the barriers of traditional standards and expectations by the two individually. In other words the two styles will be used together to create a unique and different style. That has the hard hitting, raw, and stunning visual effects of hip-hop, and the subtle, vulnerable, organic, and captivating style of contemporary. To create a performance piece that takes dance and the students to another level.  


This course is an overview of Native American art history and uses art projects that are culturally and stylistically consistent with Native expression. Students will learn about patterns and themes that tribes use in different regions of the country, as well as forms of pantribal artwork. We will explore Native American artwork while learning how to develop a sensitivity to and understanding of Native Americans’ unique status and culture.