Check out Cada Casa instructor Keenan's music on  Soundcloud .

Check out Cada Casa instructor Keenan's music on Soundcloud.

Electronic Music Production

A course designed to explore the ins and outs of Ableton Live. Walking students through sketches and experimentation, class will follow the steps involved to producing electronic music in any style. Beginning with familiarizing students with the tools that Ableton has to offer, they will then develop their ideas into full-length songs. After being exposed to a variety of approaches, students will have the freedom to focus on any specific musical direction and further develop their skills on their own. Final project is an optional live concert for BHS students.

We provide the equipment & tech

No music instrument experience necessary

Instructor: Keenan Branch

Location: Beaverton High School

Time & Date: After school, twice a week, starting February 12th. 7 total weeks

Price: Free for BHS Students

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List of Class and Topics:

  • 2/12: Intro, layout, clips and drums
    • Get logged in, open Ableton Live application, authorize (ask Emch for password)
    • Download the Sounds Package, put onto USB drive, and then Add Folder (left bar) and add the sound package
    • File: New Live Set, select tab to toggle view
  • 2/14: Recording audio, audio clips, warping and looping.
  • 2/19: No Class (President's Day)
  • 2/21: Automation, composing, arrangement view.
  • 2/26: Midi clips, drum patterns, filling the space in a track
  • 2/28: Using simpler, creating melodies, using effects
  • 3/5: Drum rack, importing samples, creating rhythm
  • 3/7: Drum processing, and creating a bass line
  • 3/12: Writing melodies, scales, lead processing
  • 3/14: Chords, arpeggiators and using different sounds
  • 3/19: Live recording, processing your recording
  • 3/21: Composition and arrangement
  • 4/2: Finalizing a track and exporting to audio
  • 4/4: Final track contains proof of elements from each lesson
  • 4/12: Final Performance