The peacock philosophy

It has been widely thought that the beauty of the peacock’s metallic blue and green plumage is used to attract desired mates. Sexual selection, as Darwin put it. Recent evolutionary biologists argue though that it’s something a bit more subtle: The handicap principle states that the larger and more ornate the plumage, the more inefficient the bird is at flying and the more difficult for survival. Thus, only the truly fit can survive such awkward brilliance. This is the philosophy that we embrace at Pavo Real FC. That our receding hair lines, sub-par physical conditioning, and mom/dad bods provides a handicap that actually serves as an advantage. We embrace our awkward shape and celebrate our brilliant colors.

Our vision

A few of us have guest played for Kalt FC when they were in need of a keeper and field player. We believe that not only our level of play matches that of Toffee league, but more importantly our sincere passion for a playful, creative, alternative football scene that represents the Keep Portland Weird mantra. Aesthetically, we would like to embrace the metallic blue and greens of the Pavo cristatus. We envision our jerseys to include a large format design (similar to Toffee Club & Paradise Soccer club collaborations). We have a sample logo which is a rendition of the Minnesota FC badge (shown right). Here are some added values that we hope to bring to the league:

  • PA stereo equipment (two 15” PA, digital mixer, mics, and all supporting hardware and cables)

  • A DJ (either a Cada Casa student or instructor)

  • Drinks: besides some basic lagers we are also planning on providing the Turkey Dinner cocktail (wild turkey bourbon and cranberry juice). We have already reached out to Wild Turkey as a club sponsor and can provide Penner Ash wine for evening events

  • Some of the best food Toffee League has seen (outside of the Toffee Club, of course), provided by Prestige Catering

  • Poster and apparel printing: screen printing can be added to the vinyl press normally associated with events, as well as hand-printed posters and other memorabilia

  • Referee support: I am a 20 year seasoned referee, instructor, assessor and assignor. I have familiarity with referee recruitment, training, assignment, and payment.

T-Shirt used in Pavo Real FC futsal team

T-Shirt used in Pavo Real FC futsal team

Pavo Real FC in the Rose City Futsal Men’s league (we also play in a coed league0

Pavo Real FC in the Rose City Futsal Men’s league (we also play in a coed league0

The team

The team consists of a group of friends with a few common traits: an RCTID attitude, deeply seeded hatred of the Seattle Sounders, and aficionados of pocket tequila. This tightly knit group of friends includes pairs of roommates, brothers, teammates from the high school days, lovers, and even a couple of dogs. In general, we are all proper football fans: You can find us in the 103 at every Timbers home match. Many in the group are members and even contributing designers of the Timbers’ Patch Patrol (King of the North), we travel together to away games and are sure to frequent the Toffee Club when we don’t. Some of us have even gone to World Cup in Brazil together. From a professional perspective, we represent a variety of fields in the Portland area: a winemaker from Penner Ash, a high school teacher, an owner of a catering company, sales, and much more.

We have played together in a few different leagues, including the SoccerPlex CoEd and various RoseCity Futsal. Although some of us has played fairly competitively in the past, our current group usually finishes mid-table in the competitive co-ed leagues around town.