Academic Coaching & Tutoring


Academic Coaching & Tutoring

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Academic Coaching & Tutoring is specialized and personalized service that helps students find success in their studies. Depending on the needs of the student, we help families (students and parents) navigate the modern school system by:

  • Creating and monitoring goals
  • Reviewing grades and maximizing progress
  • Creating positive and pro-active communication with teachers
  • Tutoring in individual subjects
  • Study and test preparation skills
  • Organization and planning

This service is also offered on a sliding scale fee.  Contact Us for more info about this.  The typical fees are:

  • Initial conference (1 hour with student and/or parents): $50
    • This includes a report (usually an email) that summarizes goals, current progress analysis, and methods to accomplish goals.
  • Progress Monitoring & Tutoring: $40/hour
    • Depending on the student/need, this may include Academic Coaching, homework monitoring, and private tutoring
  • Scheduling:
    • Available by appointment only.
    • Usually in 75-minute incriments.
    • 3:30pm at Beaverton Library (no extra charge on weekdays)
    • 3:30pm at Cedar Mill Library (extra $10 per hour)
    • At students home (extra $10 per hour)
    • On weekends (extra $10 per hour)
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