Scholarship Info

Our vision is for fundraising and grant-writing to cover all class fees, and no student will have to pay to attend Cada Casa's amazing classes.  As we work towards that goal, we reserve 25% of all class registrations for scholarship students.  These students only pay $10 to attend a Cada Casa class. If you are on Free & Reduced lunches at school, then you qualify for a full scholarship.


Students need to fill out a quick a application that describes why the want to take a Cada Casa class, and what it means to them.  Sometimes students are also asked to volunteer a little bit of their time.

Student Name *
Student Name
Why do you want to take a Cada Casa class?
What class do you want to take?
Will you be able to volunteer to take
Free & Reduced Lunch
Do you qualify for free & reduced lunch?
Is there anything else you would like us to know?