Screen Printing & Apparel Design

This multi-week course brings students the process of screen printing and apparel design.

  • Brainstorming and concept development that analyzes design ideas and cost breakdown

  • Graphic design instruction (Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop) and logo consulting

  • Screen printing process including: screen prep, burning, and printing prep for one screen (with the capability of multiple designs)

  • Printing instruction for different garments and inks

  • One sample shirt (any additional shirts can be ordered wholesale, but is not included)

Studio Services Prices

You do the printing…

  • Clean a screen: $20 ($10 with membership)

    • You can avoid this fee if the screen and frame is entirely clear of all ink

  • Clear a screen: $20 ($10 with membership)

    • If you have a brand new screen, you do not need to pay for it to be cleared

  • Emulsion, Burn & Tape: $30 ($15 with membership)

    • You provide a new or cleared screen, we get it ready for you to print

  • Start to Finish: $60 ($40 with membership)

    • You bring in a used screen, we clean, clear, emulsion, burn, and tape it.

  • New Screen, Emulsion, Burn, & Tape: $75 ($50 with membership)

    • If you would like to use one of our screens, we can sell you one fully prepped for printing.

We do the printing…

  • Alignment and Prep: $20 per color ($10 with membership)

    • If you need help getting everything ready to print

  • Printing & Ink: prices vary

    • If you want to use our inks and equipment, then we can estimate how much that will cost based depending on the size of artwork (and amount of ink used)

  • Usage of the set up: $40 per hour ($20 with membership)

    • You can come in and just use the equipment if you are comfortable. You have limited access to cleaning supplies (like cards, blue towels, plastisol remover, and wipe cloths).