This class will be digging deep into the art and history of the Hip Hop and B-Boy dance culture. Students will have the choice to interact within the community by going out on the streets as a group and using this form of art to show our unique self expression through dance. There will also be opportunities for our class to perform at bigger stages and events such as Icon City. Our last class will be like a small graduation. Family and friends will be invited to watch us perform and share what we have learned. The class will work together to create and organize this event.


Explore nature outdoors while developing lifelong learning skills! Orienteering is the sport of using a map and compass in order to navigate. Learn how to read maps, understand symbols, words, and graphic organizers in order to complete a variety of tasks at hand. Geocaching is one big outdoor treasure hunt in which players can create their own orienteering activity. Geocaching players can develop GPS coordinates to hide and locate items, then reflect on their experiences.  Orienteering and Geocaching are used interrelated by navigating to reach a destination in the necessity completing objectives. The goal is to run, hike, or walk to points in order to complete the route given - on and off trails, by navigating through checkpoints along the way. Objectives given will develop mathematical, literacy, social and environmental, physical and mental skills, and other varieties of multi-subject skills.


Bilingual is a modern language class aimed to develop the Spanish language in a physically active setting.  Second language learning has amazing results at young ages and can help in the development of neural pathways.  This class pairs the Spanish Language Development goals and content of Elementary DL Spanish with a conversational and instructional language. Non-native and native Spanish speakers develop the language in a bilingual setting.


This course gives an introduction of the fundamental skills within Ultimate Frisbee and Frisbee Golf. It is designed to accommodate the beginner, intermediate, and advanced players who want to develop their frisbee skills. Skills will include a variety of throwing skills, passing and catching. Abilities will include improving our running, cutting, turning, field defense and offense, as well as marking and goal setting.


Speed, Quickness, and Agility are one of the most significant pieces towards athletic success. Each of these components all involve learned motor skills. We will refine these techniques, and specialize them specifically for the individual. Students will use a variety of modalities in order to improve and reach their goals. Students will develop their Speed, Quickness, and Agility for their specific sport in order to grow stronger and become a proficient automated mover. Students will deeper understanding of movement concepts, functional skills, increase their muscle strength and endurance, in order to increase their personal potential. While students develop these concepts, they will learn how to set goals and reach S.M.A.R.T. goals within the classroom. 


It is designed to accommodate the beginner to intermediate coed player who wants to develop their volleyball skills. The emphasis of this course will be to work on proper form and technique for passing, setting, and hitting. Players will also learn basic rotation and strategy for game play. Each skill will be put to the test in recreational play from small group drills to full team scrimmage.


A collaborative teaching of performance choreography that entails the techniques and styles of hip-hop& contemporary dancing. Students will learn dance pieces that not only improve technique but tell a story. The focus will be on collectively constructing multiple performance pieces that showcase the artistically visual side of music through dance. This fusion of the two different styles of dance enables the students to break the barriers of traditional standards and expectations by the two individually. In other words the two styles will be used together to create a unique and different style. That has the hard hitting, raw, and stunning visual effects of hip-hop, and the subtle, vulnerable, organic, and captivating style of contemporary. To create a performance piece that takes dance and the students to another level.  


Weight training will be implemented within the curriculum for the students to develop and broaden their knowledge of body composition, strengthening and toning. Students will understand safety, spotting, use, and movement analysis for proper techniques. They will also learn to specialize their training techniques and routine. Within these components, students will be able to individualize their training needs for their specific goals in order to understand how to develop regimens they will be able to modify at any point for their desire. The skills students will be using within the course can be applied to lifetime fitness outside of the classroom as well.