We provide Academic Coaching and Tutoring for students needing help in finding academic success. As every student had different academic needs, we personalize all of these sessions.  Some are offered privately, while others are monitored homework time.


We organize one on one tutoring for many subjects.  Founder, Tymon Emch, offers the following subjects: Middle School (MS) and High School (HS) Math, Science, Biology, Physics Chemistry, and Spanish.


Test Prep

Standardized exams are a reality of our education system that some students have troubles with.  Whether it be SAT/ACT prep, or preparing for the GRE or ORELA, we've got your back.  Our services have been used for individuals, or even university programs.

Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching is a service that aims at improving a student's general success in school.  It includes grade monitoring, material organization, goal setting, test preparation, and tutoring.


Personal Training

Whether it is to get in shape or to better prepare athletes, our personal training program helps take participants to the next level of fitness.  Explosive Speed & Strength, Speed & Agility, or Bootcamp.


  • Academic Coaching 

  • Middle School Math

  • High School Math (through Calculus)

  • Middle School Science

  • Chemistry (through AP/IB)

  • Biology (through AP/IB)

  • Spanish (through AP/IB)

  • Language Arts (through AP/IB)

  • Personal Sports Training (SAQ, Soccer, Snowboarding)

  • Standardized Test Preparation: