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Cada Casa aims to provide unique, alternative classes and engaging activities for students in the Central Oregon and Portland-Metro area. As we prepare for our summer camp, we will be offering a limited amount of classes this Spring.  Feel free to check out our available classes..

Become a Member

Cada Casa views membership as being involved in the greater community. If you want to be part of the movement of sharing inspired passions, then please consider a membership. We consider this a socionegocio, where business and society meet. Membership includes: Invitation and reduced fee to all Cada Casa events (often free, or 50% off), Reduced class fees (50% off), Reduced consulting and studio prices (50% off), Pre-release access and discount codes for merchandise and products. Become a member.

Sponsor a Student

Do you like what we are doing for the community, but don't necessarily want to take a class?  One of the best things that you can do is sponsor a student for a class.  This can be for a specific student that may have contact you specifically, or the first student on our scholarship list.  Either way, your support goes to funding a student taking a class, which is an amazing gift. Sponsor a student!

Donate to the Cause

We have had overwhelming support and interest in our classes. So much so, in fact, that it is has been brought to our attention that there are many students that are extremely interested, but lack the financial means to enroll. Here at cada|casa we reserve 4 of every 16 spots for scholarships. Again, our level of interest has surpassed our abilities to internally fund these students. We are asking for corporate or private sponsorships that can pay for some of these classes. These classes range in price and duration, but the fees goes to space usage, organization, equipment, readings & materials, and instructor costs. As Cada Casa is on the road to becoming an official non-profit, we unfortunately cannot make these donations tax-deductible (but plan to in the near future). We would love any support that you may offer.

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