Design & Production Studio

The Cada Casa design and production studio allows students to get real world experience in various design elements while fundraising for their own classes and projects. As this is not a set class, and is based upon the desired projects in the community, students can contact us at any point if they are interested in participating. When a community member reaches out to us, we will pair them with an supervisor/student team. Based on the experience of the student and the complexity of the project, the supervisor will oversee the different elements of the project including the development of a proposal, timeline, budget, quality control, delivery, and communication with the client. All proceeds of the project directly fund materials and supplies for the students to do their own projects.

Cada Casa ambassador Hugo Giannchi helping out with the Beaverton Snowboarding Alliance championship shirts.

Cada Casa ambassador Hugo Giannchi helping out with the Beaverton Snowboarding Alliance championship shirts.

Screen printing & Design

The design and production studio was originally created as school groups approached us to create club and sports t-shirts and hoodies. Groups have included Penner Ash Wine Cellars, Prestige Catering, Querétaro FC PDX, Portland Metro Painting, Beaverton Snowboarding Alliance, Beaverton High Dragon Boats Team, BHS Black Student Union, BHS MEChA, AVID classes, Tasteful Catering, Oregon Boys High School LAX Championships, and many more.

If you are completely new to screen printing, we recommend that you take either our private or semi-private screen printing class, or our Free-Form Fashion Design after school class. We understand that at times you may want to do it yourself. Here are some services that we offer:

  • Screen cleaning: If you have have emulsion on your screen and need it removed: $5 for members

    • Nonmembers: $10 per screen, extra $5 if there is still ink on the screen

  • Emulsion & Burn: If you have a cleaned screen and would like emulsion applied and a design burnt: $10 for members

    • Non-members: $20 per screen, extra if the design needs to be formatted

  • Consulting: If you are new to the screen printing and need some help, we can help you: first hour free for members, $15 per hour after

    • Non-members: $30/hour for instruction and consulting

  • Entire process: if you have a design, and want it burnt and printed: $20 per screen, $1 per color per shirt

    • Non-members: $40/screen plus $2 per color per screen

  • Whole sale: if you need to buy blank garments at whole sale: free for members

    • Non-members: $10 per order

Fully-functional website developed by Cada Casa.

Fully-functional website developed by Cada Casa.

WEb development

The studio has helped a few companies create their first websites, including Tasteful Catering, Shelter Us Beaverton, Beaverton Snowboarding Alliance, and Prestige Catering.



Some of our students who have specialized in Electronic Music Production have created beats, music and soundtracks for various artists, companies and organizations, including Noah Wood$.