Cada Casa International

Cada Casa is a non-profit aimed at rethinking the way our community conceptualizes education. CASA is an acronym for community, academics, sports, and arts, while CADA is the same in Spanish (comunidad, academia, deportes, arte).  We offer workshops, classes and trainings that can come to your school, classes and activities held after school, special events for teens, and much more.

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Our classes are like none others: Electronic Music Production, Syner Free Form Fashion Design, Coffee Lab 227, Screen Printing & Apparel Design, SPIT: Slam Poetry, Social Commentary & Stencil Graffiti, Geocaching & Orienteering, The Art of Storytelling, The Mural Project, Bilingual Soccer, The Art of Stand Up Comedy, Contemporary / Hip-Hop Dance Ensemble, Hip-Hop 101 and many more... 

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